Are Natural Products Good for Skin?

Are Natural Products Good for Skin?

In the beauty and skincare industry, customers are finally giving preference to cruelty-free and vegan-friendly beauty and skincare brands and products. Even the top-tier beauty brands are committed and have committed, again, to offering cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable products. Brands throughout the beauty industry choose to carry vegan lines, mostly in vegan skincare.

Vegan cosmetics companies will aim to feature unique products and lean into the claims of being free of ingredients and using clean label packaging to differentiate their products from their competitors. Several brands and celebrities are developing animal-free, vegan makeup products to attract a broader, environmentally-conscious audience. Consumers are looking for animal-free products in almost every industry, including vegan fashion, vegan home products, and vegan makeup.

Beauty products consumers are increasingly valuing the natural, and for that reason, vegan makeup is flourishing and growing. The vegan trend is undoubtedly not only impacting the food industry, but the growing demand for natural beauty and skin care products is also pushing brands to think outside of the box. In terms of the marketplace, it is essential to note that there are consumers who desire vegan skincare products, while there are those who favour organic skincare products. However, a common trend in the marketplace indicates more people are looking to check both boxes when making purchases.

Choosing organic or vegan skincare products is a healthier lifestyle choice for consumers are investing in, and any beauty brand acknowledging the benefits would appeal to a larger demographic. Opting for veganism and organic ingredients in your skincare products allows brands to attract a highly relevant and interested audience. In addition, you are not missing out on essential skincare ingredients when you opt to purchase, use, or create vegan skincare products.

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Being a vegan means using no animal products in your life, including makeup and skin care. Vegan skincare means products are created without using any ingredients that come from animals, including animal byproducts. Vegan skincare specifically uses skincare products that contain no animal products. These products were tested on animals or resulted from taking something from an animal, even though an animal was not necessarily killed to obtain it.

Vegan skincare is different from cruelty-free because it is possible to make animal-free products without having ingredients such as milk or honey. For instance, organic milk is frequently a component used in skincare products, meaning it is not vegan but is organic by the nature of a brand’s sustainability processes. While it is true that vegan products may be completely natural and derived from plants, it is also possible to have a vegan effect that still contains large amounts of synthetic ingredients. Vegan cosmetics take two approaches, the first being the development and adoption of plant-based, plant-derived, natural alternatives to animal-derived active ingredients and excipients, for example, specific proteins and derivatives. If a product results from milk or beeswax, it cannot be considered vegan.

Vegan cosmetics consumers wish to adopt natural skincare substitutions based on plants and vegetables in their diet, the products they purchase, the causes they support, and the cosmetics they use. While cruelty-free products have not been tested on animals, vegan-friendly means that many vegan brands contain no animal-derived byproducts like beeswax, milk, egg whites, honey, lanolin, collagen or horse hair, common ingredients used in cosmetic products. With just a few changes in products, you not only have something natural or organic but also cruelty-free, ethical, and vegan. Suppose someone can figure out how to make a vegan hamburger that looks, tastes, and bleeds just like its animal-based counterpart. In that case, there is no reason brands cannot create their cosmetics and beauty products without using animal-derived ingredients.

Many countries already prohibit cosmetics testing on animals, both in the final products and ingredients. It has also been illegal to sell cosmetics in the European Union that were tested on animals or that contained ingredients tested on animals. In response, several companies are already stepping away from animal testing of cosmetics and moving toward a more natural approach to their makeup and skincare products. To remain relevant in the market for vegan cosmetics, manufacturers are changing their manufacturing lines, while consumers are becoming more conscious of toxic chemicals in conventional makeup.

Vegan skincare ingredients are chosen for being natural, minimalist, and nurturing. Thus they are unlikely to cause irritations or other problems from chemicals, animal ingredients, or other additives. Our products are packed with carefully selected plant-based ingredients that have been tested over time and proven to work gently. Our range is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, free from nasty stuff like parabens, sulphates, phthalates, silicones, and artificial fragrances. Our Nathalie Bond soap bars are hand-made, vegan, made from sustainable, organic ingredients, and packaged in cardboard boxes that are free from plastic, so Nathalie Bond does not result in tons of plastic going to waste like a lot of brands.

Veganism is a lifestyle that forbids using animal products in food, clothing, and for other purposes like skincare and cosmetics. Vegan products do not use eggs, milk, slug extract, honey or honeybee byproducts such as propolis or other animal products.

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