Which Contact Lenses Are Right For You?

Which Contact Lenses Are Right For You?

If you are considering colour contacts, an eye doctor can help you choose the right kind of colourful contacts depending on the colour of your eyes, the quality of your vision, and the look you want. If you want to only occasionally switch eye colours rather than daily, daily-disposable colour contacts may be a good idea. If you are looking to pick colour contacts to wear every day, either for work or for school, then you are better off using monthly lenses, as having to change out a new one every time can get quite expensive.

If you are used to wearing contacts on a regular basis, you should have no problem with coloured lenses. If you are going to wear contacts for a special occasion, you can go for a bolder colour, such as blue contacts, for a dramatic effect. You can even consider blue contacts if you do not want to stick to your typical green.

Then, you would be fine with grey, purple, or blue contacts, since grey would compliment your colour. For a slightly more dramatic shift, you may want to opt for colour-tinted contacts for your work. If you love your current eye colour but feel that it could use some boost, then enhancer colour contacts are a perfect solution.

Colour contacts are available in a wide variety of strengths, so you can alter your eye’s colours using contacts, no matter whether you have perfect vision or need significant correction. These lenses do not necessarily change the colour of your eyes; they are nearly an alternative to glasses.

These contacts help accentuate the eyes without changing their colour dramatically. If the coloured parts of your contacts are not superimposed well on the iris, it is going to make the eyes not appear natural. If you want a subtle makeover, you may want to opt for grey or green-coloured contacts, particularly if you have naturally blue eyes.

If you wish to experiment with different colours of eyes, but look natural at the same time, you could opt for grey or green-coloured contacts, such as if you have naturally blue eyes. People might opt for colourful contacts that have a natural appearance, opt for lenses that have extremely bright, eye-catching colours, or select lenses that fit with a variety of clothing and styles. Whether you are looking for a fully-coloured contact or a tinted contact, there are many excellent options available.

Hazel contact lenses

You can change your appearance every time you order a new box of contact lenses. Of course, if you are really wearing prescription lenses, you can have your custom-made, prescription-free coloured contacts customized to your own unique prescription, making a great fashion statement while also providing the ultimate in eye care. Even if you do not need vision correction from contact lenses or prescription glasses, you need a specific prescription from an eye doctor in order to use coloured contacts.

Regardless of what kind of look you are going for, it is important that your eye doctor adjusts your contacts for coloured or decorative lenses. If you are looking for a truly personalized look, some contact lens manufacturers specialize in creating customized coloured shades of both prescription and non-prescription contacts. Coloured or patterned contacts can be designed to appear as though they have healthy pupils, and the colours help create a more natural appearance.

If you are fair-skinned, any colour contact would work well for you, particularly bright colours such as pale blue, green, or violet, which could draw attention to yourself. Available in various colours from natural colours to exotic ones, you can alter your eye’s colour and make your style statement with the right colour contacts. Coloured contacts not only transform the colour of your natural eyes but also highlight them too, giving you a new outlook.

A person might want colourful contacts for several reasons, including changing the colour of the eyes to fit one’s personal style, or for matching a dress or costume.

While different sizes of coloured contacts exist that fit most users, there will be occasions (such as when blinking) where the coloured part of the lenses can slip slightly above the pupil. Colour-blended contacts have a colour that gradually becomes more opaque from the outer edges to the middle of the lenses. For a natural-looking shift, try lenses with light shades of Honey Brown or Hazel contact lenses.

For a medium complexion, try darker colours such as grey, brown, navy and deep green for your eyes to pop. If you are wearing cold-toned or rose-coloured clothes, put blue-coloured lenses on so that your eyes pop out and are more expressive. Depending on your priorities, choose matte colours, drama shades, or enhancer shades.

No matter which colours you go for, be sure to care for your contacts properly. Using a hand-held mirror, check the appearance of the coloured contacts under low-light as well as high-light conditions. If you have a warmer complexion, your best-coloured contacts for eyes should feature highlights of honey, hazel, brown, or pale blue.

Because irises are complex structures, some coloured contacts feature a number of small coloured dots, as well as colour lines and shapes that are placed in radial patterns, which helps to make the lenses appear more natural on your eyes. Ask your eye doctor about getting yourself a colour contact prescription, whether it is for a tinted or brighter look, and have a total makeover of how you look each time you wake up in the morning. Currently, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) advises you to seek input from your eye doctor before choosing to wear a pair of coloured contacts, even if you do not have a prescription.

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