Three things to consider when getting breast implants

Three things to consider when getting breast implants

So you have decided to go ahead and get breast implants, but what next? Breasts implants can be exciting but also overwhelming and nerve-wracking when it comes to choosing the type of breast implants that you want. If you have an open dialogue with your plastic surgeon, then you may already have a realistic expectation of the results you want. 

If you have not yet started talking to a surgeon, here are a few tips for what to consider:

Your surgeon

The first step when it comes to getting breast implants is to decide which plastic surgeon you want to have the procedure done with. You want to make sure that the plastic surgeon is board-certified to protect your safety and health. You should research their background and focus on what training and experience they have and find the best breast surgeon in Australia for you. Once you have decided on a surgeon that you are confident you can trust, you can then go ahead and start thinking about your size and shape. Your surgeon can discuss with you about the choices that you have and how you can go about achieving the results that you desire. The plastic surgeon will take into account your shape, your age and your body type, among other things.

Your body type and shape

Most women hope to have their breasts looking as natural as they can after having surgery. Due to this, it is crucial that the implants match your body frame. If you are petite with a small build, your body will find it hard to support a wide or large implant size. Just because implants of a certain size look good on a friend or celebrity, it doesn’t mean they will look the same on you. The way that your body is shaped will define the type of implants that are best suited for you. Curvy women may regret going with a smaller size when choosing their implants as they look out of proportion, and women who are thinner may find they feel uncomfortable carrying larger sized implants. 

Your age

Age is another point that needs to be considered when choosing your implants. Younger women naturally have more resilient breast tissue and skin, which means their body may adjust better with having a bigger sized implant if that’s what they prefer. Older women tend to have thinner skin and a lot of diminished breast tissue, so having a smaller size implant will allow for a more natural-looking result.
Most women will not have fully developed breasts until they are well into their 20s. Breasts need to develop before any breast augmentation is considered fully. We recommended not having breast implants until the age of 25 years for silicone breast implants, however for saline-filled implants it’s ok to be under 25yrs old.

Size is just not the only decision

Size is just one aspect of choosing the right breast implants for you. You also need to take into consideration the implant shape, the profile and the filler material. Given you want the best results, you may consider using art technology which allows you to get a simulation of how the different breast shapes and sizes will look on you after the surgery. 

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