Dealing with a recent physical disability

Dealing with a recent physical disability

Adjusting to living life with a disability can be a hard transition. Most of us take health for granted until it is no longer the way it was. It is too easy to complain and continuously think about what we have lost but remember you cannot go back in time or change what has happened, but you can change your mindset.

Even though you have a physical disability, you are still in control of your life. Some things may be limited, but there are ways that you can improve your sense of empowerment, your independence and your outlook. No matter what disability you have, it is possible to overcome the challenges that you are facing and learn the ways to enjoy a fulfilling life. There are various youth support services now, especially targeting young individuals that have recently acquired a disability and finds it difficult to cope up with it.

We all expect and think we are going to live a long, healthy life. When we get hit with an illness or an injury, it can trigger unsettling fears and emotions. You will think about how you are going to work, how you are going to do the things you love, and how to keep or find a relationship and someone who accepts your disability. It isn’t easy living with a disability, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world either.  You are not alone there are plenty that is in the same boat as you and managed to find life again and the ways to thrive, it’s possible for you too.

Accepting your disability

It can be hard to accept your disability. The acceptance can feel like you are giving up on life and the future. Refusing to accept the new reality and the new limitations can keep you stuck. Having a mindset like that will prevent you from making the changes that you need to and from moving forward and finding new goals.

Allow time to mourn

Before you can accept your disability, you need to grieve. You are going through a significant loss. It isn’t just the loss of your unlimited body, your health and the loss of your plans for the future. Don’t ignore your feelings or try to suppress them. You are human and it won’t get better by ignoring it. Work through the grief by allowing yourself to suffer through it. Experience your feelings without judgement. Expect to go through a roller coaster with your emotions. You will experience sadness, shock, denial, anger, through to the rest. You will experience ups and downs, and most often, the feelings will be unpredictable. There are various disability services that conduct workshops and closed groups that uplift an individual’s attitude about a disability.

Putting on that brave face

You might think you need to put on a brave face when it comes to learning to live with your disability. Having bad days does not mean that you are not strong or brave. You don’t have to pretend to have a handle on things and make out that you are ok. It won’t help you or the others around you by pretending that you are ok. Trust the people around you and let them into the world of how you are feeling. Believe it or not, it will help.

Ask and accept help

When you are struggling with a disability, you can feel alone and misunderstand.  You may go through the stage of withdrawing yourself from others and isolating yourself away. It is essential to stay connected to others who can help to make a positive difference in your mood and your outlook.

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